Florence Bandones

+  experience design
+  physical spacial design
+  immersive cultural research

TIMELINE:  3 months

FOR:  Florence Italy study abroad program course


+  immersive research

+  cultural understanding and creative inspiration

+  produce innovative concept

+  full presentation at end of year


+  multi-cultural merging; from Spain to Italy

+  cost included in concept ideation 


the beginning

GOAL: how can we improve the florentine streets aesthetically through storefronts at night?


street art as a modern solution

through my travels abroad, I noticed a lot of painted murals, clever street art, and hidden messages.

graffiti is perceived as negative, but in these cases, it's street art that I wanted to implement in my design solution.


street sign graffiti

Italian artist, Clet Abraham, was the initial source of inspiration with his street graffiti of wine spilling on a "do not enter" sign, or The David carrying the white line as a block of marble.


spain: existing bandone murals

while traveling in Madrid, Spain, bandones were already covered with hand painted murals. I wanted to do this for my design, while adding more extravagant solutions.


simple: murals

for smaller businesses, simple hand-painted murals would be A COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION and yet still bring beauty to the streets at night.

the presentation has a PASTA MURAL for a family restaurant and RENAISSANCE PAINTING for a jewelry store.


complex: interact

for those with a bigger budget, INTERACTIVE MURALS are the more modern and elevated solution.

the presentation has a FULL LENGTH MIRROR for Sephora and INTERACTIVE PHONE for Wind.


final design presentation

for the final presentation, I merged a combination of both simple and complex designs and made a mockup of the concept.


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