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Back home bar

My fifth year thesis, Back Home Bar, was centered around creating a bar for those with invisible disabilities (such as social anxiety or high-functioning autism) so everyone can have the benefits of a socially impactful space.

The breakdown of the project on this page is as follows:

1) Synopsis + Full thesis book

2) Breakdown of tow major parts of the design solution

3) Photographs of the thesis show and final product

Back Home Bar: Synopsis

Back Home Bar is quite simple: there are two major features making it stand out from any other bar today. In fact, a year's worth of research proved how this simple design can make an immeasurable difference. And it's a bar!


Utilizing a  weekly calendar with activities for each day of the week helps those with autism feel comfortable having a schedule, along with providing options curated to various interests.

A coaster with two main signals: 1) indicator that you're participating in the activity/open to conversations with others

2) a signal to servers  and bartenders that you're seeking service, whether it's a refill, food, or question.

Thesis Book: Primary and Secondary Research

After a full year of research, I curated a 179 page thesis book (filled with graphics, images, and graphical elements. Each section of the book can be read in certain ways, so anyone can read the whole book or simply snippets of interest. Below is the PDF version of it. 


*This is an interactive PDF where you can, in the table of contents, jump to any chapter or section of interest.

Thesis Videos: Explanation & Demonstration

Throughout the semester, a task we were assigned was to make two videos:

1) a synopsis of the thesis purpose and research in under 2 minutes

2) an explanation/demonstration of the product or service or technology in use. 

Both videos are on YouTube, each closed captioned for accessibility, and are available below.

General overview after 4 months.

Concept breakdown with initial prototype.

Part One: Weekly Calendar

My research showed an immense amount of varying interests across all target demographics, and thus led to the following weekly schedule posters. 

weekly calendar section.PNG

View detailed descriptions, design research, and information in this section of my thesis book here.

Part Two: Coaster Design

Solving two key issues, my simple coaster design 1) helps servers know you need  attention and 2) acts as a signal to the other patrons that you're participating in the activity.

This coaster is an integral component to Back Home Bar and the core of why I made this project. It is the solution to an age-old social problem.

coaster section.PNG

View detailed descriptions, design research, and information in this section of my thesis book here.

Thesis Show: Exhibit + Pop-Up

The thesis show is a culmination of a year-long project among 28 industrial design peers. I created a poster and bar-table display within the exhibit, then halfway through the show, I "popped-up" across the street at a bar willing to allow me to take over for a few hours. I demonstrated the bar experience, added decor and posters, and showcased 5 fully-working coasters (each taking 6-8 hours to build). I learned a lot during the interactive experience. 

Below are images from the event and thesis show showcasing the product and space.