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+  experience design
+  product design
+  accessibility

TIMELINE:  9 months

FOR:  Fifth-year undergrad thesis


+  user research

+  secondary research

+  product/service development

+  full presentation at end of year

+  produce and print thesis book


+  ADA compliancy: legal accessibility and proccesses

+  IRB approved research

+  exhibition took over a local bar 


the beginning

GOAL: how can I, through experience creation, make the world a more accessible place?

+  initial three months of research mapped out:


1 in 5 americans

have a disability. invisible disabilities are often overlooked from a design standpoint—this is where I focused on.


bars are 1 of 3 places to meet new people

so why not redesign the typical bar and cater it to those with invisible disabilities, such as high functioning autism or social anxiety?


problem 1

DEMOGRAPHIC lacks a comfortable space to meet new people; no structure or order offered at bars

those with ASPERGERS tend to like consistency and gravitate towards subject matters of interest

INTROVERTS don't do well with initial introductions


solution 1

consistent weekly calendar of various activities to cater to many subject matters of interest


problem 2

BARTENDERS do not like being waved down; it's perceived as rude

DEMOGRAPHIC feels uncomfortable asking for help; ends up overlooked or underserved


solution 2

1) coasters indicating that the customer needs attention to bartenders and servers (red light)

2) color indicator about participating in daily social activity to eliminate the discomfort of initial introductions (blue light)


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