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Bowtie Boulevard

Self run small business, web design, and branding

  The summary  

Bowtie Boulevard makes limited edition bowties and accessories from upcycled fabrics - all created by me.

 The elements 

  • web design & e-commerce

  • product, textiles, & fashion design

  • branding: packaging, logo, & styling


  The e-commerce website  

Bowtie Boulevard's website is quite detailed so users can find the perfect bowtie and/or accessory that is best for them. With different styles and types, everything is clearly labeled and displayed.

bowtieblvd.com_ (4).png
bowtieblvd.com_ (4).png

  The products  

Each bowtie and accessory is named after the street where the original fabric was found. 

The goal is to cultivate a story for each product and create an emotional connection with each consumer.

From button down shirts to curtains to aprons, each product is thrifted, found, or donated.


There is a customized "Your Hometown" program where customers can give a sentimental fabric and transform into a bowtie.

bowtieblvd.com_shop_halsey-d (1).png
bowtieblvd.com_shop_halsey-d (2).png

  The packaging  

The goal was to make Bowtie Boulevard simple, minimal, and modern to focus entirely on the product since each bowtie is made from upcycled fabrics.

The packaging includes 

  1.  a personal, handwritten "thank you" note

  2. a bowtie tying how-to instructional card,

  3. a few business cards to distribute

  4. the products purchased

BLVD-pin packaging example.jpg
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