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bowtie boulevard

Inspired by a packaging project, I created Bowtie Boulevard, a business making limited edition bowties and accessories using upcycled fabrics.

The academic project

The inspiration for Bowtie Boulevard originated from my typography course where we were tasked to create packaging for a chosen product that was constructed with folds and tabs, using zero adhesives for the assembly of the packaging.

packaging progression

Final box packaging

When assembled, the box design holds a   pre-tied    bowtie. There are zero adhesives except for the plastic protector being glued on the inside of the front.

The business: an overview

Shirts, curtains, and more are found at thrift stores around the nation. They are then cut up, ironed, and sewn into a self-tie bowtie.

The S. Beech Street

The Lorraine Avenue

The Marginal Way

The Redwood Place

Attending events

Bowtie Boulevard has attended over 3 events in the Syracuse area showcasing and selling products to various demographics.

The booth setup:

 All booth layouts are created with found materials and repurposed items, such as:


Shoe displays, a discarded vintage sewing machine, and cardboard boxes wrapped in tissue paper. 

Bowtie Boulevard's goal is to make sure every piece of a display has had a past life, just like the fabrics used for the bowties.

Social media and graphics

Bowtie Boulevard utilizes Instagram and Facebook to showcase products  and share stories about the company, bowties, and events.

"Your hometown" program

Bowtie Boulevard’s “Your Hometown” program takes a customers’ fabrics with a backstory and transforms them into a custom bowtie - creating meaningful, one-of-a-kind products.

“A client lost her father-in-law two years ago. She collected his beautiful shirts and met us at the Westcott Street Fair. We had the privilege to transform this incredibly gorgeous button down into matching bowties: one for her husband and one for her son just in time for Thanksgiving.” ⁣