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Graphic design +UX/UI

From resumes to business plan competition presentations, my work varies for each person I do work for. I aim for clean, simplistic design for easy readability, understandable visual icons and language, and strong text hierarchy.

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Looking for  freelance design work ?  Feel free to reach out! 

detailed, in-depth projects

Below are larger projects which are broken down on their own respective pages, in-depth.  

Futbol friends international

I took an organization that had an outdated, lackluster brand identity and transformed it into a cohesive, clear, and unique branded organization.

Promptous: Dental insurance

I did a website wireframe project for Promptous, a small dental insurance  company, to revamp their digital presence.

Threadprint: UX/UI Project

This project exercised my storyboarding skills, hand and digital wireframing, flow diagrams, and journey maps.

Multi-page leaflets + documents

I've made numerous handouts, marketing materials, and essential documents for various clients. 

Northampton, MA Cycling Club

I created an essential double-sided document for this  nonprofit organization to gain more members, draw investors, and build a stronger statement in the community.

NCC_Sponsorship Docs_2pg_Page_1.jpg
NCC_Sponsorship Docs_2pg_Page_2.jpg

Optimism: Parent Educational Leaflets

A professional in parent education who was  teaching a course on parenting techniques and styles requested family-friendly, colorful, and inviting handouts.

Optimism_Alisha Slye_Handouts_v4_2.8.19_
Optimism_Alisha Slye_Handouts_v4_2.8.19_

French Bay Real Estate: Window Signs

An Upstate, NY real estate company, French Bay Real Estate needed both vertical and horizontal real estate 8.5x11 sheets for window displays. These are editable  templates for FBRE to use for all their properties.

FBRE_Real Estate Window Layouts_Page_1.p
FBRE_Real Estate Window Layouts_Page_2.p

Resumes + business cards

Besides crafting visually stunning  resumes, I  am a skilled copywriter. I've  reworded  documents  provided by clients and designed visuals based on their field(s) to attract employers. Overall, I appreciate curating brand identities, which also applies to people.


Icons, logos, and visuals

From businesses to academic projects, I've made several types of logos or icons with different styles.