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Futbol Friends International

A soccer non-profit organization, Futbol Friends International had a pre-existing logo, but no brand identity. Taking on the challenge of  working with a board of directors and creating something entirely new was exciting and  the results have made for a strong visual brand for Futbol Friends.

summary of final pieces

All of the work created for Futbol Friends International:

(scroll down to see the brand identity process)


brand identity

business cards

Logo design: From outdated to modern

The old logo had several components that were flawed and unsuccessful. From there we did a breakdown of what was needed for a new one.

Crucial Problems:

- Two "F's" are the Facebook logo

-  Didn't work well on different backgrounds

- Had a white glow on every letter

Logo on old website:

- Too many colors - don't work well together

-  White glow is obvious

- Overall a weak logo

Introduction: Inspiration

In our initial consultation, I gathered information regarding what they wanted, disliked, and their needs for a new brand. The following are notes  from the conversation. 

From here, I created three documents:

1. typography choices

2. color choices

3. logo options

typeface proposals

Per the  contract, I made three proposals for font options:

*Four pages; Three options, fourth page is all three on one page.

color proposals

I offered three color proposals, along with one that was similar to the old brand per client's request.  Four options in total.

Logo designs: version 1

I created, based off off the initial consultation, three minimalistic, simple, and modern logo options. I provided an inspiration breakdown page as well.

Logo designs: revisited

After the three logo options   were delivered, the board of Futbol Friends wanted to go in a different direction. I hand-sketched new options before proceeding. The first sketch was chosen and altered to make a final logo.