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The Blackstone Launchpad

At my  position at the LaunchPad, I rebranded the organization's Syracuse University chapter. From print materials and leaflets to digital logos and advertisements, The Blackstone LaunchPad at Syracuse University has a consistent brand identity. 

Their brand guidelines

There are a few components in place that the Blackstone Foundation x Syracuse University uses for their organization.  They all  have to be incorporated into the LaunchPad's overall brand identity.








Sherman Sans Book

Sherman Sans Book Italic

Sherman Sans Bold

Sherman Sans Bold Italic

Sherman Serif Book

Sherman Serif Book Italic

Sherman Serif Bold

Sherman Serif Bold Italic

Logos (Provided)

Graphic design work: an email masthead

The old email masthead had many flawed visual elements and needed   an upgrade to adhere to the new brand identity.


- Not brand consistent

- Distracting and messy



- Excess space on the top

- Link is too close to the bottom edge


- White is hard to read

- Remove cursive


- New logo update

- Missing logos

Graphic design work: logos and icons

I created a few different logos and icons for the LaunchPad's spaces, events, and website.

'Cuse Tank:   Logo created for one of the  business plan competitions.

Founders Circle:   Icon to represent the alumni LaunchPad student entrepreneurs.

The Bird Nest:   Icon for a collaborative meeting space in the LaunchPad.

Print documents: leaflet series

An ongoing project at the LaunchPad, I have redesigned and created all the leaflets and handouts used for informational purposes. They are even given to potential investors to fund the LaunchPad and its growth.