Messy Spaces: app design

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+  research-based project

+  problem solving

+  prototyping

+  wireframing
+  app design

TIMELINE:  3 months

DATE:  Spring 2017

FOR:  academic symbology and semiotics project


+  various research methods

+  ideation and multiple concepts

+  prototype testing

+  wireframing


+  research tactics included immersive observation and usage of

+  online survey of about 100 responses

+  research-heavy allowed for a viable solution


the beginning

GOAL: how can I give people peace of mind when others enter their personal spaces?


private spaces need a solution

after preliminary research with 94 survey participants, I decided the main area of focus should be on private spaces, as there was a need for a solution to the messes.


photographic evidence

of 8 different subjects and observations proved a consistent messiness theme.


people are overwhelmed

when there's no reason for them to be! it takes less time than anticipated to tidy up.

+  one subject example

+  data below was a consistent theme for all subjects


solution: rewards-based app design

evaluating research results, the following are needed for an effective app design.

+  habit changes
+  before/after proof: psychological understanding of success
+  rewards to motivate user to continue progress


components to implement

my research discovered these six needs to be included
+  reminders
+  simplicity
+  tips and tricks
+  guiding 
+  one task at a time
+  short time periods


version 1

made on cell phone size paper and able to be moved around while researching with users.


version 2

made after three interviews.


final wireframe

below are the screens of the most important components of the project. this was the last deliverable needed.


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