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The Carriage House

Branding and print materials

  The summary  

The Carriage House is an AirBnb/inn in Old Mystic, CT, and needed a brand identity to encapsulate their nautical, homey, and timelessness character.

 The elements 

  • logo design

  • type & color branding

  • assorted leaflets for rooms and staff


  The brand guidelines  

 The typefaces: 

I opted for a strong, yet rustic header font paired with a serif to keep timeless, traditional energy to the brand.


 The colors: 

Adhering to the client's requests of blues and oceanic themes, I chose both a navy and blue-green color as the two main swatches for the brand. For backgrounds, I added a Floral White tone to give it that rustic edge.

In terms of accessibility, the colors adhere to WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines for contrast.

The Carriage House


The Carriage House is situated in the heart of Old Mystic, Connecticut. This quintessential Victorian Style home is truly a nice place to snooze by the sea.

  The logo  

 The requirements: 

In client consults, it was evidentally clear these characteristics and charm of The Carriage House needed to be shown in their logo & brand:

  • Nautical

  • Blues & oceanic themes

  • Timelessness

  • Charming & rustic

 The proposal: 

I proposed 9 logo variations of a common ship wheel, similar blues the client liked, and a rounded design.

Artboard 1.png

  The materials  

For the majority of print materials, I created them on 8.5x11 leaflets in order for reprinting to be cost-effective and sanitary. 

The materials created include:

  1. timesheets for the cleaning staff

  2. in-room rule sheets

  3. beveled square business cards

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