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+  service design
+  UX/UI
+  wireframing

TIMELINE: 1 month

FOR: academic project


+  journey mapping
+  storyboarding

+  systems design

+  looks-like wireframing


+  usage of Axure RP


the beginning

GOAL: How can I use the PANTONE X-Rite color scanner system to create a practical home decor service?



a custom fabric-making website and service, Spoonflower LACKS accurate color customization.

the X-Rite system by PANTONE, renamed FabriScan, merges Spoonflower's custom fabric concept with FabriScan's color accuracy platform.



two types of users:

USER 1: ordering FabriScan online
USER 2: in store usage of FabriScan


journey map

USER 1 journey map:

1)  website
2) FabriScan screen



sketches by hand


skinned wireframes + flow diagrams

using Axure, I created workable skinned wireframes for the website layout.

+  the following are screenshots of the web pages along with flow diagrams of how the website and FabriScan screen operates.