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I'm obsessed with making the world a more accessible place through impactful, universal, and meaningful  design.

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for you.

Don't underestimate the power of innovative, eye-catching brand identities and successful user experiences.


With an industrial + interaction design background, I design for the user first. Ultimately, I craft visually powerful brands that achieve great success -- along with user-friendly and accessible user experiences. Let's work together.

my design portfolio

Back Home Bar: a universally accessible bar for socialization

A bar concept to alleviate the stigma and stress those with social    anxiety or high-functioning autism have when socializing. The bar design allows everyone  to have the    benefits of a socially impactful space. The key mission is about universal design  + inclusivity.

Design Research       //     Product Design

Brand Identity       //     Long-Term Project


UX/UI + graphic design

I've done several graphic storytelling projects over the years in different formats for individuals, organizations, and businesses + UX/UI wireframing and development.

Graphics    //    Brand Curation    //     Hierarchy

Visual Identity     //     UX/UI    //    Wireframing

The Blackstone LaunchPad​

Hired to design the visual identity for the Blackstone LaunchPad at Syracuse University, I rebranded their aesthetic using Syracuse University’s brand guidelines.

Brand Identity    //    Graphic Design

blackstone launchpad imagery.png

Bowtie Boulevard

A business created from an academic project to design packaging around a pre-existing product, Bowtie Boulevard creates limited edition bowties and accessories from upcycled fabrics.​

Fashion Design    //    Marketing

Branding    //    Entrepreneurship

Pear whisk

A kitchen utensil design that stemmed* from dissecting a pear and testing form from nature. Used many prototyping methods + design exploration.

*pun intended.

Prototyping    //    Product Design