Hi there! I'm Jacob deHahn

  (but you can call me Jake!)  

I'm a New Englander born and raised - so when I moved to San Francisco in January 2020, I mourned the loss of Dunkin' coffee and the seasons: leaves changing in the fall & snowy days curled up with a book and hot cider. 

My obsession with accessibility stems from being born profoundly deaf and witnessing firsthand how those with disabilities lack access to things able-bodied folks don't have to worry about. With my work, I strive to create experiences and products that go beyond current accessibility guidelines (like ADA and WCAG 2.1 for web/digital standards). 

With a Bachelors in Industrial & Interaction Design (BID) from Syracuse University's School of Design in VPA, I gravitate towards UX/UI, (with a specialty in accessible design) branding, and experience design. You can call me a Jake of all trades!


  Stay in touch!  

I love meeting new people and building my network. If you want to chat about design, accessibility, business (or whatever!), let's have a virtual coffee (as there is still a global pandemic going on...)!

 You can find me on: 

LinkedIn  (linkedin.com/in/jdehahn)

Instagram  (@jake.deh)

Email  (jacob@jdehahn.com)

  Looking for design work?  

If you're looking for design work, I'd love to chat.

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